CPC Deluxe HD Computerized Telescopes

CPC Deluxe HD Computerized Telescopes

The wait is over! Celestron's award-winning EdgeHD optical system is now available on a newly designed top-of-the-line dual fork arm computerized mount - The CPC Deluxe HD. Available in 8", 9.25" and 11" models, the CPC Deluxe HD telescope line re-defines everything that amateur astronomers are looking for - ease of use, quick and simple GPS alignment, improved ergonomics, enhanced computerization, unsurpassed optical quality and most importantly, affordability.

As a visual instrument, the EdgeHD optical system delivers pinpoint images across your widest field eyepiece, providing you stunning clarity and sharpness that will leave you wanting more. When used for astrophotography with our new Nightscape or your own favorite CCD or DSLR camera, the EdgeHD optical system produces a flat focal plane allowing pinpoint stars to the very edge of your image.

As an added bonus, all EdgeHD optical tubes feature a removable secondary mirror (Fastar) for ultra-fast f/2 CCD imaging. Add Celestron's HD Pro Wedge, Guidescope Package, NexGuide Autoguider, T-Adapter and Nightscape CCD camera, and you have the ultimate imaging setup with the convenience of a dual fork arm and unparalleled optical system. Own this premier telescope line today, and it will surely keep you up all night.

What makes the CPC Deluxe HD Series great for astro imaging?

*FASTAR imaging requires a third party lens assembly in place of the secondary mirror. Celestron's new CPC Deluxe HD Series with revolutionary SkyAlign Alignment Technology re-defines everything that amateur astronomers are looking for quick and simple alignment, GPS, unsurpassed optical quality, ease of set-up and use, ergonomics, enhanced computerization and, most important, affordability.