NexRemote Technology

NexRemote Technology

for Celestron Computerized Telescopes

Celestron has been in the forefront of computerized telescope technology for over two decades. We have taken this expertise in telescope technology one step further by introducing the NexRemote™ Telescope Control Software. NexRemote allows the user to control their Celestron computerized telescope from their personal computer. Everything that is done using the telescope’s hand control can now be done remotely from a PC or laptop. This software was developed for Celestron’s high-end telescopes that use the NexStar control system including the NexStar "i" Series, Advanced Series, NexStar GPS Series and CGE Series.

NexRemote provides full emulation of every aspect of the Celestron Computerized Hand Control including:

NexRemote began shipping in March 2005 with select high-end computerized Celestron telescopes including NexStar i Series models, NexStar GPS models and CGE models. Contact your Celestron dealer to find out availability of upgraded models that include NexRemote. Software will also come with an RS-232 cable to connect your Celestron telescope to a PC. For those who already own a compatible Celestron computerized telescope and want to take it to the next level of convenience and enjoyment, the software can be purchased separately as a kit through an authorized Celestron dealer (item# 93710). Kit includes the NexRemote software & license, RS-232 cable and a Serial-to-USB adapter.

System Requirements

Compatible Telescopes:





NOTE: Virtually any gamepad can be configured to work with NexRemote. Read the help files for details.

NexRemote Kit

Now Celestron Advanced Series GT, NexStar “i” Series, GPS, and CGE Series telescopes can be set up and operated remotely from a PC or laptop! NexRemote duplicates all of the functions and features of our NexStar software on the standard NexStar Hand Control plus much more! See our section on NexRemote for more information.

Kit Includes:

NexRemote Software CD with license
RS-232 Cable to connect telescope to PC or Laptop
Serial-To-USB Adapter

Features include:

*NexRemote is included with select NexStar "i" Series, GPS, and CGE Series telescopes beginning in March, 2005 (contact your Celestron Dealer for availability of models with NexRemote).