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CGEM Computerized Mount

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Exit pupil

I downloaded the PECTool software from the Celestron website to my Windows Vista 32 PC. When I tried tio install it, 'ERROR: NexRemote not allowed to run on WinNTX' was displayed. How do I get it to run?

What is magnification/power as it pertains to telescopes?

What is resolution and resolving power?

What are the types of optical design aberrations?

What is field of view?

What is near focus?

What is the focal ratio? How is it related to the f-stop?

What are diffraction-limited optics?

What is light gathering power and magnitude limit?

What is contrast?

What is focal length?

What is aperture?

What dovetail bars are used with various Celestron mounts?

What is the operating temperature range for Celestron telescopes?

What is a quick summary of how to do All-Star polar alignment with CGEM, CGEM DX, CGE, CGE Pro and Advanced VX and Advanced GT Series mounts?

Why do I need polar alignment?

What is precise polar alignment?

What is rough polar alignment?

I am looking at my Celestron scope, and it has a serial number on it. Can you tell me the model, type and year it was made?

Is there a way to run Celestron’s Window-based drivers and software on Macs?

What does magnitude mean?

Which scope aperture is best for different kinds of objects?

What is LST? Where do I find it in my GoTo scope’s menu?

Does the stated payload weight of my Celestron mount include the counterweights?

How do I use a third party periodic error correction (PEC) program like PEMPro with my Celestron mount?

How can I accurately conduct a polar alignment?

My Celestron mount is making a high pitched whine or hum even when it’s not moving. Is this a problem?

Why am I seeing “This mount does not support the PECTool” when using my CGE, CPC, CGEM and CGE Pro mounts?

I am using SkyScout Connect with my Celestron GoTo telescope. Do I still need to align my scope?

How can I get Celestron software to run on my Windows 7 computer?

I have a Celestron GoTo telescope, a Mac, and an autoguider. I want to autoguide with the telescope. Is your autoguider port Mac-compatible?

Why is the autoguiding port diagram in my telescope's manual different than the diagram for the NexGuide connection?

How do I polar align my telescope if I'm in the southern hemisphere?

What problems can occur when using a dovetail-equipped telescope tube designed for one mount when it’s used with another mount?

I’m experiencing motion in RA east after slews with my Celestron German GoTo mount. Is this backlash, and how do I correct it?

When should I use the Calibrate Mount utility? What does it do?

Where can I download the unified ASCOM drivers for Celestron scopes?

How do I quickly start my Celestron telescope? Can I use previous alignment information?

My NexStar hand control displays “Offset Too Large” when I’m trying to change my scope’s alignment. What does this mean? How do I fix the issue?

When I use Identify with my GoTo scope, what is it showing me?

I am using a GPS with my Celestron GoTo telescope. Do I still need to bother with SkyAlign?

My GPS-equipped scope is showing the wrong time information. How do I correct this?

I need to box up my scope and ship it. What’s the best way to pack it?

I’m doing photography with an eyepiece, using my camera with and without a lens. What are the f-numbers of my setup for the afocal and eyepiece projection methods?

I hibernated my GoTo mount. When I powered back up and woke up the scope, it did not point as accurately as before. What gives?

Why do I need to guide my telescope for photography? Don’t accurate alignment and firmware functions like periodic error correction (PEC) take care of it all?

I upgraded/reflashed my hand control and now I’m not getting the control functions for my mount, but for another mount. What happened? How can this be fixed?

My images with a CCD camera are showing black or white streaks on the brighter stars. They are all bloomed out. What’s wrong with my scope?

How do I program my flash upgradeable hand control? What about motor control upgrades?

Why don't the images I see through my telescope look the same as photos I see taken with the same type of telescope?

How do you determine a telescope's magnification?

How far can I see with a telescope?

Will the 94224 Polar Finder work with the CGEM and the CGEM DX mounts?

What is the screw size of the adjusting screws for the polar finderscope #94224 for the Advanced GT and CGEM/CGEM DX mount?

What is the threading on the outside of my Celestron GoTo mount’s power jack?

How much will the addition of a focal reducer increase my scope’s field of view?

What are the specifications for an AC adapter that will work with Celestron’s GoTo mounts?

I have a NexStar+ hand control and I had to reprogram it after a” Bootloader error.” Now it’s not showing my mount’s name when I turn my scope on. How can I fix this?

I have a NexStar+ hand control and it’s not showing my mount’s name when I turn my scope on. How can I fix this?

The hand control of my new scope shows the message “Bootloader invalid package 0080” or “Bootloader invalid package 0002”. How can I fix this and make the mount work?

Can I control my Celestron GoTo mount with programs like Maxim DL?

Does the NexStar hand control database include IC (Index Catalog) objects?

What are the payload weights of Celestron mounts?

Can all named stars listed in the hand control be used for SkyAlign alignment?

What are the instructions for getting my CN-16 or SkySync GPS to work with my Celestron GoTo mount?

Where can I get information on the RS-232 (serial) commands for NexStar controlled telescopes?

Will the CG-5 Polarscope (#94224) work on the CGEM and CGEM DX mounts?

My CGEM/CGEM DX mount is missing the polar axis index sticker. How do I position a replacement sticker?

How do I replace the real-time clock (RTC) battery in my CGEM/CGEM DX mount?

What battery type is used in the CGEM and CGEM DX mounts for the real-time clock (RTC)?

What are the differences between the CGEM and CGEM DX mounts?

Are there any additional specifications on the CGEM/CGEM DX Mount?

My CGEM has wires dangling in the polar axis shaft. Will these interfere with the insertion and use of the polar axis finderscope #94224?

I want to permanently pier-mount my CGEM. What size is the hole on the head holding the central rod?

How do I use the polar axis finderscope for the CGEM mount?

I have a CGEM mount and I need to use it at latitudes below 15 degrees or above 70 degrees. Can I do that?

Can I change the position of my CGEM equatorial head on the tripod?

I’m using an 11” Schmidt-Cassegrain tube (SCT) on my CGEM mount and the scope won’t balance in RA. What can be done about this?

How do I balance my CGEM-mount optical tube assembly (OTA) in declination?

I have two scopes I want to use side-by-side or tandem with my Celestron CGE – CGE Pro – CGEM – Advanced GT mount. Can I do that?

My CGEM mount is moving in the wrong direction when I use the direction arrows. What is wrong? How can I change the direction of the direction buttons?

Why am I getting “Found Difference at Address 301: Value of 3589 should be 3590

My CGEM mount won’t let the front latitude screw lock the mount. What’s wrong – is the mount unstable?