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AstroMaster 76EQ Telescope

Knowledge Base Articles

Exit pupil

What is back focus? What problems does it cause for visual and photographic use of my scope? What are related focus issues?

What is magnification/power as it pertains to telescopes?

What is resolution and resolving power?

What are the types of optical design aberrations?

What is field of view?

What is near focus?

What is the focal ratio? How is it related to the f-stop?

What are diffraction-limited optics?

What is light gathering power and magnitude limit?

What is contrast?

What is focal length?

What is aperture?

How can I make my own collimating tool to use with my Newtonian reflector?

Why do planets appear as small dots, even with my 10 mm eyepiece?

Why do I need polar alignment?

What is precise polar alignment?

What is rough polar alignment?

How do I put a better finderscope on my AstroMaster or LCM scope?

What are the specifications for the AstroMaster/PowerSeeker motor drive #93514?

I “accidentally” took apart my Celestron 20 mm erect image eyepiece. How do I put it back together?

Why does there appear to be a black circle in the middle of my image when I look at a star or planet?

What does magnitude mean?

Which scope aperture is best for different kinds of objects?

What is a star party? Where can I find information on star parties around my area?

Why do I only see stars as points of light even when using my highest power eyepiece?

How can I accurately conduct a polar alignment?

I’m setting up my AstroMaster equatorial mount. Should the declination (DEC) slow motion cable (control) point towards the front or rear of the tube?

How can I mount my AstroMaster scope’s counterweights since it has a metal pin jammed inside?

How can I make my AstroMaster mount track stars?

How do I use the setting circles on my Celestron German equatorial mount?

How can I collimate my AstroMaster telescope using the stars?

How do I collimate my AstroMaster Newtonian telescope by aligning the mirrors in daylight?

What is my scope's StarPointer for, and how do I use it?

How do I polar align my telescope if I'm in the southern hemisphere?

Why won’t my erect image eyepiece or diagonal always give right side up images with my scope?

I need to box up my scope and ship it. What’s the best way to pack it?

What is field rotation? How does it affect my scope’s viewing and imaging?

Why don't the images I see through my telescope look the same as photos I see taken with the same type of telescope?

I have a 60 mm refractor with a focal length of 900 mm. Why can't I get a clear image when I try to use my 2x Barlow lens with my 6 mm eyepiece?

Everything I see through my refractor is an inverted image. How can I correct the image?

How do you determine a telescope's magnification?

How far can I see with a telescope?

I “accidentally” took apart my eyepiece, removing the lens that goes closest to my eye. Help! How do I put it back together?

My StarPointer red-dot finderscope battery is dead. How do I replace it?

How can I find objects with my StarPointer-equipped telescope?

Where can I find a smartphone adapter to take pictures with my telescope?