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CGE Pro HD Computerized Telescopes

An observatory-quality astroimaging setup is well within your reach with Celestron's CGE Pro HD. Our flagship mount, CGE Pro is a rock-solid base for up to 90 lbs of payload, including Celestron's 14-inch EdgeHD optical tube. Feel free to add accessories, guidescopes, CCD cameras, filter wheels, and more; CGE Pro's motors and 3-inch tripod legs will handle the load with ease. Our 11- and 14-inch CGE Pro HD telescopes feature all of Celestron's key technologies, including All-Star Polar Alignment, SkyAlign, StarBright XLT optical coatings, Fastar compatibility, and more. Paired with our EdgeHD optical tubes, you'll get the best telescope system Celestron has to offer, at a surprisingly affordable price.

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