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CoursePro is a line of GPS devices that assist golfers on the golf course. Our GPS units provide the most essential information for the avid golfer, like distance from the center and back of the green, displayed on easy to read LCD screens. Our CoursePro Elite units come equipped with many features that are only offered on much higher priced devices, such as shot distance calculation, hazard mapping and scorecard info. Couple that with our 22,000 plus (and growing) course map database and you have a winning combination that is sure to keep your game above par.

But that's not all! In keeping with our continuing commitment to bring the best value and end user experience to our customers, we are proud to announce the creation of our new Course Map Manager Software program and revised pricing structure. Now you can spend less time downloading courses and more time on the courses!

Here are a few of the great new features:

  • 1 YEAR FREE access to all 22,000+ courses *
  • Easy setup and verification- just connect your CoursePro once software is download- your computer will do the rest
  • The Course database is searchable in the new software and the course maps can be instantly downloaded to your CoursePro
  • Update your course database anytime

NOTE:  We have an extensive database of course maps and can add course maps on request. Be advised, some courses may not be able to be mapped due to circumstances outside our control.

*After 1 year, you can keep 5 free courses for life or choose to pay a one-time payment of $14.99 for continued unlimited access to our course map database.

Existing customers MUST remove ALL previous versions of the CoursePro software before downloading the new software. Click here for instructions on how to remove old versions of the software.

Existing customers who have purchased 4 or more additional courses, or paid for lifetime access click here.

All others, remove old software then click the Download Course Map Manager Software link.

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