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reTrace personal GPS locators pack a lot of features into one small, rugged package. Each reTrace contains a digital compass, time display and GPS coordinate storage of your favorites spots. Simply mark a trailhead or your favorite fishing spot and with the push of a button your reTrace will display the saved location coordinates as well as point you in the correct direction to find your way back to that location. Each reTrace is water resistant, rugged, and includes a carabiner clip for easy attachment to a backpack or belt loop.

reTrace Deluxe takes your GPS functionality to the next level, featuring trail and data point collection and geocaching capability. Using the included mini USB cable, the trail feature allows you to upload a complete record of your travels, including graphical trails displayed on Google maps, as well as a record of the timeline, temperature, altitude and barometer readings from your trip.

Here are just a few examples of the many uses for the reTrace GPS locators:

  • Helps you find your lost car in a parking lot or stadium
  • Tells you where you parked your car or bike when hiking or running
  • Helps your children find their way home
  • Locates and directs you to your favorite camping spot
  • Allows you to navigate to your favorite fishing spot at a river or lake
  • Finds your hotel, restaurant or other building in an unfamiliar city or location
  • Guides you back to the dock or pier when boating
  • Reminds you of your favorite birding spot
  • Always remembers the location of your favorite tree stand or duck blind for hunting
  • Records that favorite meeting place for friends or family
  • And many, many more uses!
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