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When Anna Cox walks onto the scene of a crime, she sees a story being told through the bloodstains on the walls and embedded in the carpet. The shape of the stain, how deep it's penetrated the fabric, and other clues all reveal important information about the sequence of events. Her expert testimony has put criminals behind bars and freed those who were falsely accused.

But to really understand the evidence, Anna needs to be able to peer deep inside the fibers—to see how saturated the stains are and when they were likely deposited. Armed with her Celestron digital microscope, she's able to do just that. In fact, her favorite tool for investigating crime scenes is our LCD Handheld Digital Microscope, one of our most compact and affordable microscopes.

After working for the local sheriff's office for 13 years, Anna recently founded her own consulting and training firm to train the next generation of bloodstain pattern experts and assist law enforcement agencies across the country.