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Jimmy Walker


Meet Jimmy Walker: Professional golfer by day, astroimager by night. As he's traveling the country winning major golf events like the Fry's Open, Sony Open, AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am, and most recently 2016's PGA Championship, Walker uses a Celestron telescope housed at New Mexico Skies (NMS) to conduct astroimaging sessions remotely. While he's on the road, Jimmy can process stunning astrophotography of galaxies, nebulae, and more in between rounds.


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Jimmy Walker – the PGA Champion with His Eyes on the Stars

With his first win of a major at the 2016 PGA Championship, Jimmy Walker is one of the most in-demand interview subjects in the world right now. Needless to say, the waiting list is rather long. Fortunately, as we happen to know a long-time friend of Jimmy’s, Celestron’s own sales manager Lonnie Wege, we were able to get not just the inside scoop on his rise to golfing fame but also i...

Jimmy Walker’s Astroimaging Tips

As a traveling PGA golfer, Jimmy Walker knows how to maximize efficiency in his astroimaging process. From a remote observatory to a super-accurate Celestron mount, Walker uses the best equipment to create his deep sky images quickly. We caught up with Walker on the road, and he shared his best insider tips for budding imagers. 1. Learn your gear by starting with wide field images It...

Jimmy Walker: PGA Golfer by Day, Astroimager by Night

This week, pro golfer Jimmy Walker won his first major PGA Tour event, the Open. With this big win under his belt, Walker is taking the golf world by storm and will soon compete in his first Masters tournament.