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John Davis' Best Shots

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Astroimager John Davis of BuckSnort Observatory was kind enough to share some of his favorite shots with us. Make sure to check out BuckSnort Observatory to see even more of John's beautiful astrophotos.

Witch Head Nebulaweb 1

Witch Head Nebula


Cocoon And Namericanweb 2

Mosaic: Cocoon and North American


Andromedagalaxyweb 3

Andromeda Galaxy


M101web 4

M101 - The Pinwheel Galaxy


Pegasusmolecularcloudweb 5

Pegasus Molecular Cloud


Orionbeltmasterweb 6

Orion's Belt Mosaic


Cats Paw Bearclawweb 7

Cat's Paw and Bear Claw


Mosaic Sharpless126 LBN 438Web 8

Sharpless 126 Nebula Mosaic


Orionsmileweb 9

"Orion Smile" Mosaic

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