Optical Engineering Technician

TITLE: Optical Engineering Technician

DEPARTMENT: Product Development

DATE: May 21. 2018


Celestron, the world’s leading telescope company, is seeking an Optical Engineering Technician to add to its in-house Product Development department. This position offers a unique opportunity to work with consumer telescopes and telescope optics on a multidisciplinary team.


The Optical Engineering Technician will provide assistance to the Optical Engineer in the areas of optical manufacturing and optical testing. This includes obtaining a complete understanding of the optical manufacturing processes and testing procedures utilized in order to provide the highest level of support.

Job Goals:

  1. Gain a complete understanding of the optical manufacturing processes and optical testing procedures utilized at Celestron and at the overseas factory.
  1. Work with our overseas manufacturing partners to provide information and support for optical manufacturing and testing.
  2. Assist and provide oversight, as needed, to optical manufacturing and testing at Celestron.
  3. Assist in optical fixture construction and documentation.
  4. Maintain optical samples in an organized manner.


Job Responsibilities:

  • Work with the Optical Engineer to gain a complete understanding of the optical manufacturing processes and test procedures utilized by Celestron. This includes hands-on training working alongside Celestron’s Production and QA staff. Must be able to work well in an apprentice-like role.
  • Assist the Optical Engineer in supporting and maintaining the overseas factory’s ability to produce high-quality optics and related telescopes. This includes making periodic visits to the factory to help troubleshoot and monitor optical manufacturing and tooling, as well as to provide optical training and guidance to QA, supervision, and engineering staff.
  • Assist the Optical Engineer in supporting and maintaining the ability to produce optics and telescopes at the Torrance, CA facility.
  • Work with the Optical Engineer in obtaining materials and creating tooling.
  • Work with optical and mechanical engineers to construct optical test fixtures. Document test procedures associated with the fixtures to efficiently hand them off to QA.
  • Conduct optical testing, as required, to qualify optics or optical assemblies.
  • Communicate with domestic vendors to get information about goods and services provided as related to optical manufacturing and testing. Assist in sourcing the goods and services, as needed. Work with the Purchasing Dept. in placing purchase orders, as needed.
  • Keep the optical engineering lab organized and free of clutter. Keep current prototypes and samples organized, including use of a sample log. Disposition older prototypes and samples.


Job Requirements:

Education and related work experience:

  • Bachelor Degree in Optical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, or Physics. Or 2 years of college in Engineering, Physics, or Science, plus 2 years optical work experience.
  • Having a good grasp of Physics, especially Optics and Classical/Applied Mechanics
  • Mechanical aptitude with a “hands on” approach
  • Able to use Microsoft Office computer programs
  • Good verbal and written communication skills in English


Experience using Zemax Optical Design Software, Experience with astronomical telescopes and ability to speak and understand Mandarin are a plus.


Travel to Celestron’s manufacturing factory in China is required. The number of trips is typically 2-3 times per year, for periods of 2-3 weeks at a time.


Please email your cover letter and resume to hr@celestron.com