Product Manager, Astronomy

The Product Manager will be a key employee dedicated to keeping Celestron the most innovative and leading telescope brand. Specifically, the Product Manager will be responsible for developing and bringing to market new products to support amateur astronomy sales opportunities. For products that are primarily sourced, with little engineering at Celestron required, the Product Manager will be responsible for the entire development process, from product definition through product release. For products that are largely engineered at Celestron, the Product Manager’s responsibilities are to bring the product to market after the engineering has been completed and communicated to Celestron’s manufacturing partners.




  1. Provide Product Management and associated tasks to meet the goals of the Product Development department.
  2. On-time delivery of expected work and results. This includes introducing new products as scheduled, and doing everything possible to have new products ship from manufacturers without delays. Assess work to be done and available resources in order to provide accurate timelines for project/task completion.
  3. Ensure product success in the marketplace through effective Product Management. This includes:
    • Helping to define features, specifications, and price points
    • Working with Celestron engineers and our manufacturing partners to develop products that are problem-free and work as expected
    • Writing clear and informative instruction manuals
    • Communicating product information to the Marketing and Sales departments
    • Provide routine category maintenance tasks to ensure products are performing in marketplace as expected
    • Extremely detail oriented
    • Must be able to work on multiple projects at a time
    • Self-driven and able to perform with minimal supervision
  4. Identify and propose new product ideas and opportunities that will help Celestron remain the most innovative and leading telescope brand.




    1. Product conception
      • Research marketplace opportunities
      • Propose/define products for approval
      • Understand tooling and capital costs associated with bringing product to market, this is needed for project approval
    2. Product sourcing
      • Source products based upon approved specifications/features and price points
      • Travel overseas (primarily China) as required to source new products and/or qualify new vendors
      • Evaluate product samples
      • Communicate with vendors
      • Negotiate quantities, costs, and payment terms with vendors
    3. Product Development
      • Work with vendors to modify/develop approved products
      • Work with Celestron Engineering team
      • Sample testing, as required
      • Define/develop product labeling with the Marketing Department
      • Define/develop packaging requirements
      • Work with vendors on compliance testing, as required
      • Instruction writing
    4. Product Management
      • Set up products on Celestron’ s internal ERP software
      • Provide all required information and specifications for website presentation
      • Category maintenance – Periodically review relevant data (sales, inventory, open POs, marketing strategy, changes in marketplace, competitor information, etc.) for all products in category to determine if products are performing as planned. If a product or product line is underperforming, determine reasons why and propose corrective actions. If product is over-performing, determine why.
      • Evaluate product pricing semi-annually (by Dec. 1 and June 1) prior to price list updates (on January 1 and July 1). Present this information to management for final approval.
      • Analyze sales performance for all products being managed to see if they meet the established criteria per SKU in each category. Recommend any items for discontinuance if they do not meet criteria or for any other relevant reasons.  Present this information to management for approval.
    5. Project Management (for sourced products only)
      • Come up with timelines and milestones for project completion
      • Identify and keep track of all required tasks required for project completion
      • Contract with appropriate Departments (i.e. Product Development or Marketing) to complete tasks, as required
      • Manage outside consultants, as required
      • Manage Beta testers (internally or externally), as required
      • Provide final document packages to vendors/manufacturing
      • Follow-up with vendors to meet critical deadlines
    6. Training
      • Provide trainings on use of introduced products
      • Provide and maintain inspection notes for QA department and vendors
    7. Trade Shows and Events
      • Represent company at trade shows, as required
      • Represent company at other events (i.e. star parties, seminars, etc.), as required
    8. Product Problems
      • Track all problems related with introduced products
      • Work with Celestron staff and vendors to resolve these problems
      • Work with Dealers/Distributors on serious product problems, as required
    9. Other
      • Organization - Keep personal and shared work areas organized and free of clutter. Keep current prototypes and samples organized (including use of sample log) and disposition older prototypes/samples, as required. Keep file storage of documentation on computers and servers organized.
      • Other miscellaneous product development and product management activities as assigned to meet the goals of the company



Mostly in an office environment. Field testing of products outdoors (usually in on-site observatory), as required (typically 1-2 nights/week). Some travel, mostly to trade shows (less than 5% of total time worked).



      1. Bachelor's degree in relevant field strongly preferred.
      2. At least two years’ experience working in a similar Product Manager (consumer goods) capacity.
      3. Experience working in the amateur astronomy industry and/or with amateur astronomy equipment.
      4. Able to use a variety of office software (i.e. Word, Excel, Outlook, etc.).
      5. Basic math and physics knowledge.
      6. Technical writing skills.


CELESTRON offers an attractive compensation package, including salary plus bonus.  A competitive medical benefits package as well as a 401k plan is offered.


Please e-mail your cover letter, resume to Or you may fax your resume to: (310) 328-4061. No phone calls please.