Are there additional specifications for the CGE Pro Mount?

Miscellaneous Specifications for the CGE Pro Mount



1) Measurements may be approximate (approx).

2) Please check the product page under the Specs tab for more specs.

3) Other specs of the mount may be found in other Knowledgebase articles.

Approximate measures for boxing the mount (clutch and clamp handles removed)
-Equatorial head plus latitude adjustment assembly

                20 inches (polar axis plus dec motor housing)
            x  20 inches (clamp plate to lower edge of latitude adjustment


            x    7 inches across polar axle housing

The two parts (measurements approx):
-Equatorial head:
20 inches (polar axis plus dec motor housing)
x  15 inches(clamp late to lower edge of RA motor)
x   7 inches across polar axle housing
-Latitude Adjustment assembly: 10” x 10” x12”

Dome considerations and measurements for 45 degrees latitude. Optical tube is a C-14.
            1) The span of the CGE Pro 1400 is approximately 46 inches. This is the distance across the Dec axis up through to the tube's top surface. This is without any accessories.

            2) The distance from the electronic pier base to the top of the front of the tube is approx. 49 inches. This depends on the latitude and where the OTA is in the mount clamp.

-Round both above figures to 4 feet. Add clearance to access tube in the dome, accessories and their clearance. Recommended: 8 feet.

-A star party dome or one with seating , computer or equipment racks, etc. would need more space. Recommendation: 10 feet or more.

-The distance from the electronic pier base to the ground or observatory floor depends on the pier and user.  This determines how many wall sections would be needed for the observatory wall holding the dome.

CGE Pro Setup heights
-Tripod minimum height approx 38” maximum approx 55”
-Electronics pier is 7”
-Equatorial head from pier top to center of the dovetail clamp in equatorial north position is approx 20” at 35 degrees latitude.

CGE Pro component weights
-Equatorial head upper part (axes): 45 lbs.
-Lower part (latitude adjustment assembly): 30 lbs.
- Tripod and pier: 57 lbs.


Updated 12/27/13