Can I upgrade my hand control firmware to the latest versions in a foreign language?

The new NexStar+ hand control allows you to choose languages when it is programmed through the Celestron Firmware Manager to hand control firmware version 5.21 and greater. With this hand control and firmware, change the language by simply pressing and holding the Celestron logo as you power on your hand control.  Keep pressing the button as a message "Verifying packages" displays.  Release the button after it's finished displaying this message.  Then the hand control will switch to a message giving you a choice of languages, scrolling through the languages one by one. To choose a language, press enter and then press enter again to confirm your choice.

For the older NexStar hand control, our latest hand control firmware versions are only available in English versions. If you attempt to upgrade a foreign language hand control to one of these versions you will get an error message from the hand control and the scope won’t be usable. If this happens, contact your distributor to have service or replacement of your hand control. You can downgrade your hand control to version 4.13 in English. However, once you do this, you can’t upgrade the hand control to any foreign language version.

Updated 12/27/13