Can my NexStar hand control be repaired instead of replaced?

In some circumstances, your Celestron NexStar hand control can be repaired instead of completely replaced.

  • If the firmware is corrupted, reflashing it can help. You can do this yourself.
  • If gibberish shows on the LCD, try a factory reset from the hand control menu, accessible via Utilities > Factory Setting. However, if there is no text displayed, the LCD cannot be replaced.
  • The LED can be replaced if your backlight isn’t working.
  • An angled LCD can often be fixed. You can do this with a glue gun or send the unit to Celestron factory service.
  • Buttons can be replaced. Sticky button contacts can be repaired by cleaning them.
  • A cold-weather problem is a blank screen when powering up. First, try updating to version 4.12 or later. This helps with the issue, but may not cure. It. Next try powering off for several seconds, then powering up again.

Non-flashable hand controls cannot be repaired by Celestron. Other problems will probably require replacement of your hand control.


Updated 12/27/13