Can my NexStar hand control be repaired instead of replaced?

In some circumstances, your Celestron NexStar hand control can be repaired instead of completely replaced.

  • If the firmware is corrupted, reflashing it can help. This can be done using HCupdate for Nexstar* and CFM (Celestron Firmware Manager) for Nexstar+.
  • If the LCD screen is illegible, you can try a factory reset from the hand control menu, accessible via Menu > Utilities > Factory Setting. Only with Nexstar+ you can try adjusting the contrast accessible via Menu > Hand Control > Set Contrast. However, if there is no text displayed, the LCD screen cannot be replaced.
  • Only with Nexstar+ if needed you can reset language by pressing and holding the Celestron logo button while powering up, or you can factory reset by pressing and holding the 0 button while powering up.
  • An angled LCD screen can be fixed with a hot glue gun, this requires removing the back panel.
  • Keypad membranes can be replaced, and sticky contacts can be repaired by cleaning them, this also requires removing the back panel.
  • A cold-weather problem is a blank or hard to read screen when powering up. First, try updating your hand remote to the newest firmware. Next try powering off for several seconds, then powering up again. Applying a heat pad or hand warmer to the back panel of the hand remote can also help.

Non-flashable original hand controls with older Celestron logo cannot be repaired and are no longer manufactured by Celestron. The only option would be to find a used replacement online or to upgrade your entire scope with a new one.