How can I get Celestron software to run on my Windows 7 computer?

If you are having NexRemote, HCupdate, MCupdate and PECTool compatibility issues, simply download the latest versions from Celestron’s manuals/drivers page. They will work with Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit systems.

As of March 2010, there are no Windows 7 64-bit drivers for SkyScout. See the SkyScout FAQs for Windows 7 32-bit workaround.

NexImage also has a workaround for Windows 7 systems. See the article under NexImage FAQs.

Try using the compatibility feature of Windows 7 to install and run your Celestron software. People have had success doing this. We recommend choosing Windows XP 32-bit as the choice for an operating system. 

Virtual PC running in Windows 7 is another option that has worked. It is a free download from Microsoft. Choose Windows XP 32-bit as the operating system.

VMWare virtual products running Windows images–virtual machines have also had success. Their advantage is they allow the use of USB ports, physical drive locations, etc, which Microsoft virtualization and virtual machines do not.

Updated 12/14/13