How can I manually enter my location into the NexStar SE? Can I use information from my handheld GPS?

You can manually enter in your location via the hand control. You will need to acquire your latitude and longitude in the degrees-minutes-seconds format from your GPS, maps or Google Earth. Press the following upon powering up your telescope: Menu > Scope Setup > Setup Time-Site. Once in this menu press the Undo button until the hand control reads Select One > City Database. Scroll using the 6 or 9 buttons to the option Custom Site, Press Enter. You can now enter your specific longitude and latitude.  

Note: If you change the location of your telescope (depending on how far away it is) you will most likely have to enter the coordinates of the new site. Changes of just a few miles do not need this adjustment; however, any moves of 40-50 plus miles will require updated coordinates.

Updated 12/27/13