How do I mount my binoculars on a tripod?

Most Celestron binoculars have built-in 1/4x20 female threads to use with Celestron’s binocular tripod adapter (#93524) or a similar aftermarket accessory. On most binos, look at the front of the central hinge for a cap that may or may not have the Celestron logo on it. This cap will either unscrew or pry off, exposing the 1/4x20 socket. Attach the binocular tripod adapter, which in turn will be attached to a standard photo tripod with a 1/4x20 screw.

The SkyMaster 20x80 (#71018), 25x100 (#71017), and 25-125x80 (#71020) models have a built-in tripod adapter rod with a similar socket. Simply screw your tripod’s 1/4x20 bolt directly into the rod’s threaded socket.


Updated 10/21/13