I can’t change the maximum exposure-shutter speed in iCap for my NexImage 5 to more than ¼ second. What is wrong?

This is a problem in the camera, not the program. You will need to update the camera's firmware.

Download the file here:


Unzip the file and launch the firmware installer inside. It will create a shortcut on your desktop.


Now plug in the camera and run the program by clicking on the shortcut. A window will pop up. There will be two EUVC files. Open the one named dfk72uc02_129.euvc. (This is for a full-color imager - the other file will give only monochrome images.)

Choose the top file

The file will run the update, taking about 20 to 30 seconds to complete.  When it is done, unplug the camera.


The next time iCap is running with the camera attached, go to View in iCap's menu and allow the Exposure Bar to be visible. Uncheck the auto settings. Now you will be able to change the exposure (shutter speed) from 1/10000 second to 30 seconds.


Updated 12/27/13