I keep seeing "Unable to communicate with telescope" message is displayed when using NexRemote.

The "Unable to communicate with telescope" message is displayed when NexRemote is not able to send/receive data to the telescope. Try the following remedies for this situation:

1. Make sure your telescope's switch is turned on and your 12V power supply connection is good. When connecting via the PC port, there is no visual indication that the telescope is powered up and is easy to overlook.

2. Check that the PC port selection on the settings screen is configured for the serial (COM) port you are using to connect to the telescope.

3. Check your PC COM port(s) validity. If there are no low-numbered COM ports, there are lots of COM ports or high-numbered COM ports, it usually means your computer needs to have COM ports reassigned to correspond with currently existing real ports, or the computer requires maintenance.

4. The firmware selection on the settings screen should be for the model of telescope that you are using. Incorrect firmware selections will either fail to connect or result in incorrect behavior once connected.

5. Try the real hand control and make sure that it works.

6. The PC-to-telescope cabling is the most important aspect of establishing the connection and makes every effort to verify that your cabling is correct and the connections are good.

7. If using a NexStar GT telescope, you must have hand control version 104.0 or the flashable version 4.03 hand control.

Updated 12/14/13