My Advanced GT mount came with an extra dovetail bar. What is that for?

The Advanced GT mount holds the optical tube assembly (OTA) to the equatorial head by means of a Vixen-style dovetail bar and clamp pair. The bar is bolted to the OTA or tube rings and the clamp is part of the equatorial head. The beauty of this system is that the OTA is easily attached and removed, saving lots of time and effort when setting up and taking down your scope.

Celestron includes an additional dovetail bar that can be used with a short bolt or bolts to mount a spotting scope, camera or small telescope to the mount.  Since it has five holes, rings can even be mounted on the bar to hold a tube.
CG-5 dovetail bar

To use the dovetail bar, first attach it to your scope or camera. Be sure to use bolts or screws whose heads won’t protrude below the bottom of the bar. (The bottom has indentations to help accommodate these threaded fasteners.) Next, slide the bar into the clamp atop your mount, aligning the notches on the bar with the corresponding screw and safety screw on the clamp. Finally, press the bar into the clamp while tightening the screws to firmly attach your instrument to the Advanced GT mount.

Updated 12/27/13