My NexStar SE mount is moving in the wrong direction when I use the direction arrows at slower slew rates. How can I change the direction of the direction buttons?

You need to review and adjust the button direction logic in your hand control menu.

The directions are made user-adjustable so you can match the direction the star moves in the eyepiece with the buttons when using different accessories, some of which may reverse or mirror-image the real direction of motion of the scope.

Go to Scope Setup > Direction Buttons. Scroll up or down to choose either azimuth (left-right) or altitude (up-down). Press Enter to select. Scroll to choose Normal or Reverse. Press Enter again to change the present direction of motion associated with the button set to your selection.

This works only with rates 1-6 and won’t affect slew rates 7-9.

Updated 12/25/13