My time zone isn’t in Setup Time-Site. What do I do?

Time zones that are fractional ½ hour are not in the current firmware. These include most of India, as well as all or part of Sri Lanka, Iran, Afghanistan, Burma, Nepal, Canada and Australia.

The local time, time zone and daylight savings time (if any) are used by your scope to calculate Universal Time (UT). Along with your longitude and latitude, UT is used by the goto firmware to determine what objects are up and where they are in the sky.

In order to properly use the scope, you will need to ignore your local time and set the local time and time zone to that of an adjoining time zone location that is listed under Setup Time-Site. Continue to use your actual location longitude and latitude.

For example, if you are in Bombay, your local time is 5.5 hours later than UT. Your choices would be to use local time in and time zone 5 (Pakistan) or local time in and time zone 6 (Bangladesh).

Updated 12/14/13