NexStar SE Series additional specifications

6/8SE Tripod
  • Tripod spread in low position is ≈ 26"
  • Tripod spread in high position is ≈ 42.5"
  • Tripod height in the low position is ≈ 24.5"
  • Tripod height in the high position is ≈ 42"

Both the NexStar 4/5SE and 6/8SE tripods have the same collapsed length of ≈ 27". This is good to know for packing it as baggage on trips. The length of the NexStar 6/8SE tripod with legs extended is ≈ 47".

Mount clearance: Distance between the top of the mount base (battery compartment lid) to the center of the dovetail clamp (altitude bolt axis).


  • NexStar 4/5SE clearance is ≈ 8.25"
  • 6/8SE clearance is ≈ 10"
  • Pointed at zenith, the 8SE OTA has 4.5" from the back of the mirror cell to the top of the mount base (battery compartment lid), about 4" from the back of the baffle nut to the mount base top and about 3" from the tip of the focus knob to the mount base top. This is enough distance to use the visual back, 1.25" Star Diagonal and a 1.25" eyepiece to view the zenith. It is not enough distance to accommodate larger accessories or SLR cameras attached to the scope.
  • The respective distances for the 6SE OTA are ≈ 5.5", 5", and 4"
  • The focuser mechanism back plate screws (3) are M3x8"

The 4/5SE spur gear specs are:

  • Module is 0.5"
  • Number of teeth is 16
  • Pressure angel is 20°
  • Pitch diameter is 8 mm