What are the dimensions for the X-Cel LX series eyepieces?

The X-Cel LX eyepieces all have a 16 mm eye relief and 60-degree apparent field of view.

They all have a maximum diameter of 45 mm (48 mm including grip ring).

Here are other physical dimensions:

Model Weight (grams, ounces approx) Length
2.3mm #93420 213g, 7.5oz, 110mm
5mm    #93421 196g, 6.9oz 100mm
7mm    #93422 187g, 6.6oz 90mm
9mm    #93423 179g,  6.3oz 80mm
12mm #93424 187g,  6.6oz 80mm
18mm #93425 201g, 7.1oz 82mm
25mm #93426 207g, 7.3oz 84mm

Note: The X-Cel LX eyepieces are too big to fit into the #93643 Tele-Extender.

Updated 12/27/13