What are the instructions for getting my CN-16 or SkySync GPS to work with my Celestron GoTo mount?

1. Find the AUX port to plug it in on your mount.  

Note: For the Advanced GT using the CN-16, which does not have an AUX port, you will need to purchase the Aux Port Accessory #93965. As of early 2011, it’s discontinued, but some dealers may have stock, or it may be available used. For the Advanced GT using SkySync, unplug the Advanced GT’s hand control.  Plug in the GPS to the HC port and then plug in the hand control to the port on the base of the SkySync.

2. Turn on the mount.

3. Enable the GPS. Press Menu and scroll up/down using the 6 and/or 9 keys for Utilities. Press Enter and scroll again to find GPS On/Off  Choose On and press Enter.

Note: You can verify that the GPS is working by going to Menu and scrolling for View Time-Site. There you will see “GPS linking” and then the time and site information when it’s done.

4. Check your time zone settings. This is under Menu, Scope Setup (press Enter and scroll), Setup Time-Site and press Enter finally reaching (Select One): Standard Time or Daylight Savings. Make the correct choice and press Enter. You will be prompted for your time zone. Scroll up/down until your zone appears and press Enter. Return to the top-level of the hand control by pressing Undo repeatedly.

The mount will remember that its GPS is enabled when powered down. However, you will need to manually change back and forth, to and from Daylight Savings to Standard Time when they change during the spring and fall.

Updated 12/4/13