What are the most common bolt sizes for Celestron single and double arm (fork) mount bases and wedges?

A great number of old and new Celestron single and double arm (fork) mounts, tripods and wedges are attached to one another using just two sizes of bolts.

Most mounts are attached to the tripods by use of 3/8–16 bolts.

Most wedges are attached to tripods by use of 5/16–18 bolts.

Since most mounts are tapped for the 3/8-16 bolts, most mounts attach to wedges by use of the same bolts. The top “hole” on the wedge plate is usually a slot for easy positioning and tightening of the three bolts.

Many of the original wedge bolts are Allen heads, while many of the original tripod bolts are knobbed.

Updated 12/16/13