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10/2/18 - Can my NexStar hand control be repaired instead of replaced?
9/25/18 - How do I clean my telescope optics – primary mirrors, lenses, eyepieces, corrector plates?
9/18/18 - How do you Polar Align using an EQ Mount?
 9/11/18 - What is Exit Pupil and Eye Relief for Sport Optics?
9/4/18 - How do I focus my microscope?
 8/28/18 - How does light pollution affect views through my telescope?
8/21/18 - How can you track satellites with a Celestron GoTo telescope?
8/14/18 - When should I use my binoculars on a tripod?
8/7/18 - What is cordwrap? How can I prevent it?
7/31/18 - What does ED stand for on my Sport Optics' scopes?
7/24/18 - How can I enter my location manually? Can I use information from my handheld GPS?
7/17/18 - A Guide to Celestron’s Planetary Imaging Cameras
7/10/18 - What is a Diffraction Spike?
7/2/18 - Should I use an ALT-AZ or EQ mount?
6/26/18 - What happens when you combine Astronomical Eyepieces and Spotting Scopes together?
6/19/18 - What is the T-Mount system? What are T-Adapters and T-Rings?
6/12/18 - My NexStar hand control is stuck displaying “Initializing….” What can I do?
6/5/18 - How do Celestron PowerTanks compare against each other?
5/29/18 - What is Periodic Error (PE)? And how do I correct it?
5/22/18 - What are the AUX ports on my computerized telescope for?
5/15/18 - How do I balance my telescope on an Equatorial mount?
5/8/18 - What kind of dovetail does my telescope have? Can I use it with other mounts?
5/1/18 - Why don't the images I see through my telescope look the same as photos I see taken with the same type of telescope?
4/24/18 - Why is the view through my high-power binoculars and spotting scope so blurry?
4/17/18 - What are the differences between the optical coatings?
4/10/18 - I'm having trouble focusing my NexStar SE telescope.
4/3/18 - What resolution can I expect to get from my binoculars?
3/27/18 - Can I transfer images from the internal memory of my Digital Microscope to an SD card loaded in the SD card slot on the unit?
3/20/18 - My Celestron Ultima and Regal spotting scopes have threads in front of the objectives. What size photo filters do they use?
3/13/18 - I am using rechargeable batteries with my Celestron GoTo mount, and the mount will not power up even though the batteries are new and fully charged. What’s the problem?
3/6/18 - How do I calculate magnification for my microscope?
2/27/18 - What is the diameter (objective size) of a pair of binoculars?
2/20/18 - What are the Payload Capacities for Celestron's mounts?
2/13/18 - What is the field of view of a pair of binoculars?
2/6/18 - How do I mount my finderscope bracket on the CPC 800/925/1100 optical tube assembly (OTA)?
1/30/18 - How do I get my Celestron digital USB microscope to work with my Mac?
1/23/18 - How much magnification can I use with my CPC scope, and how much is too much?
1/16/18 - I want to use my spotting scope to take pictures. What’s its f-number?
1/9/18 - How does a microscope get light to the specimen? What do I need to know about illuminators?
1/2/18 - What do aplanatic optics do?
12/26/17 - Are the objectives for the LCD Digital Microscope DIN, JIS or RMS?
12/19/17 - What are Fastar and HyperStar? Do I have it and how does it work?
12/12/17 - What are those small tapped holes on my EdgeHD OTA?
12/5/17 - When using my autoguider and /or autoguiding program, I’m not getting any motion when I’m calibrating it. Is there a problem with my mount’s autoguiding port?
11/28/17 - How do I put back together my 20 mm erect image eyepiece?