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Telescope Headquarters

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A Ring Around the Moon - an Eclipse Proposal Story

By Lance Lucero, Product Manager at Celestron   On May 9, 1994, my girlfriend Raquel and I headed out to the Ontario Airport in California to catch a flight to El Paso, Texas.  As far as Raquel wa... Read More

What's Up in Space 2017

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Bug Chicks 2016 Year in Review

Sometimes you have a year that just blows you away. For us, 2016 was that year. It was an incredible year with awesome opportunities and forward momentum.As you read this, it may seem that I (Krist... Read More

Is it a Kissing Bug or a Leaf-footed Bug?

Lately, we have received a few questions on our Facebook page asking about kissing bugs. Some people have sent pictures of insects that they suspect may be the insects that transmit Chagas Disease,... Read More