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4 Strategies For Urban Astronomers

The ideal conditions for astronomy are usually the least favorable for humans :  High altitudes, cold temperatures, miles away from civilization and infrastructure. Or if you are really lucky, orbi... Read More

Celestron Big Year - 11 February 2016: Swan Lake

Between the small town of Rainier, Oregon and the even smaller town of Goble, Oregon there lies a series of meandering channels and reservoirs called Carr Slough by the locals (I’m not sure visitor... Read More

Wings (Part Two)

In last week’s post, Wings: Part One, I showed the wings of a wasp and a treehopper. This week I’m going to juxtapose two of the most well known insects in the world- a cockroach and a butterfly. B... Read More

Celestron's "Best of" Moon Awards

What’s your favorite song about the Moon? What about your favorite Moon meme? Here at Celestron we took a vote and the winners are IN! Here's the complete list of our favorites, what are some of yo... Read More

Celestron Big Year - 4 February 2016: Tales of a Traveling Birder

You’d think that as I travel around the world overseeing Celestron’s displays at birding festivals that I’d have books full of birding adventures to recount. The reality is that, like most business... Read More