What are the AUX ports on my computerized telescope for?

Auxiliary (AUX) Ports were designed to expand your computerized telescope ability to interface with multiple devices to work coherently and smoothly. The AUX ports can be used with numerous Celestron products including, but not limited to: StarSense AutoAlign, SkyPortal WiFi Module, SkySync GPS Accessory, etc.

While the hand controller port is solely for the hand controller, you can also use an AUX port to use your hand controller especially if the hand controller port is not working or blocked for some reason. The AUX ports cannot be used to sync your computer, autoguiders, and non-Celestron technology. The Autoguider will have its own port

The below is a list of how many dedicated AUX ports each computerized telescope has:


Number of AUX Ports

Computerized Telescopes


LCM, SkyProdigy


NexStar SLT, NexStar SE, CGEM II


CPC, CPC Deluxe, CGX, AstroFi, Advanced VX


CGX-L, NexStar Evolution

* To know the number of AUX ports on discontinued models, reach out to technical support