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SkyPortal Powered by SkySafari™ Mobile App

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The telescope experts at Celestron have partnered with the renowned app developers at SkySafari to provide the best planetarium app and telescope control solution.

Celestron’s SkyPortal redefines how you experience the night sky. Explore the Solar System, 120,000 stars, more than 200 star clusters, nebulae, galaxies, and dozens of asteroids, comets, and satellites—including the International Space Station. You can even listen to audio descriptions of the most popular objects while you observe. SkyPortal includes everything you need to experience the night sky in an exciting new way.

Best of all, you can control your compatible Celestron telescope from your device using SkyPortal and the SkyPortal WiFi Module (sold separately). SkyPortal is compatible with both iOS and Android devices and works exclusively with the SkyPortal WiFi Module for telescope control. It’s also compatible with StarSense AutoAlign for automatic alignment via smartphone.



  • Introducing Celestron’s All-Star Polar Alignment routine, allowing you to easily polar align your German Equatorial or wedge-mounted Alt-AZ mount, without accessories that aid in polar alignment
  • Introducing Tilt-to-slew feature. Slew your mount by tilting your phone/tablet.
  • French and Italian localization
  • Augmented reality (iOS only)



      • SkyPortal's intuitive Compass Mode enables you to hold your device up to the night sky and instantly identify stars, planets, galaxies, and more. Zoom in to view fainter objects not visible to the naked eye.
      • View a custom list of all the best celestial objects to view based on your time, date, and location.
      • Simulate the night sky up to 100 years in the past or future to plan your observing session. Look ahead to see when Jupiter's Great Red Spot will be visible. Or animate a lunar eclipse such as the "Blood Moon" so you know what to expect before you set up your telescope.
      • View hundreds of astronomical photographs and NASA spacecraft images. Or listen to more than four hours of audio narration to learn the history, mythology, and science of the heavens.
      • Night Vision Mode helps you preserve your night vision after your eyes have dark adapted.


      Pair your device to your compatible Celestron WiFi telescope, such as NexStar Evolution and Astro Fi WiFi, or any compatible Celestron telescope equipped with the SkyPortal WiFi Module (formerly SkyQ-Link). Fast and easy alignment options allow you to align your telescope in minutes without any prior knowledge of the night sky. Tap any object and your telescope automatically centers it in the eyepiece.

      Note: SkyPortal does not work with any third-party WiFi telescopes or WiFi modules.

      SkyPortal’s telescope alignment incorporates advanced mount modeling, providing better pointing accuracy than other telescope systems that rely on a dedicated computer.


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      SkyPortal is compatible with Android 4.0 and higher.
      Although SkyPortal works on a variety of Android devices, the following devices are supported: Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, S4, Note, Note 2, Note 3, Tab, Tab 2, Tab 3.