What are the Payload Capacities for Celestron's mounts?

What are the Payload Capabilities for Celestron's mount

Celestron's payload capacity is the weight the mount and dovetail clamp can hold when adding on the optical tube and the accessories you wish to use with your scope (Finderscope, StarSense, Camera, etc). Celestron's payload capacity does not include the weight of the counterweights.

For example, a CGX-L 14" has a 45 lbs optical tube assembly. This weight is carried by the clamp. The mount carries this weight plus three 22 lbs counterweights for a total load of 111 lbs.

However, a CGX-L mount has a payload capacity of 75 lbs, so it still has capacity for 30 lbs of additional accessories, guidescopes, focusers, cameras, etc.

Below are the payload capacity of some of the Celestron Mounts. To best utilize your telescope setup, do not exceed the payload capacity for your mount.


Mount Payload Capacity (pounds)
CGE Pro 90 (41 kg)
CGX-L 75 (34 kg)
CGX 55 (24.9 kg)
CGEM II 40 (18.1 kg)
Advanced VX 30 (13.6 kg)
NexStar Evolution 25 (11.3 kg)
Omni (CG-4) 20 (9 kg)
NexStar 6/8 SE Series 12 (5.4 kg)
NexStar 4/5 SE Series 10 (4.5 kg)
SkyProdigy 8 (3.6 kg)
Astro Fi 8 (3.6 kg)
NexStar SLT 8 (3.6 kg)
LCM series 5 (2.26 kg)


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