What do I need to know about my NexStar SLT and batteries?

The NexStar SLT has a battery compartment in the base of the mount that uses 8 AA-size batteries. While this is the easiest way to power the scope, there are some things to be aware of when using batteries.

The placement of batteries in the base is important. Be careful to insert the batteries with the proper polarity. Each holder contains 4 batteries and clips to the wires with a 9V style connector. (If the batteries tend to fall out, use electrical tape to secure them in the holders.)

The two rectangular battery holders must be mounted in the orientation that will allow the battery compartment cover to snap closed. Only one orientation is really workable with the SLT. The first holder will go on the upper shelf. It will also be the first battery holder connected to the wire. With the open compartment in front of you and the mount arm pointing up and to your right, the first holder faces batteries upwards, connector to the left, connector on top. The second holder that is clipped into the end connector on the wire goes on the lower shelf. It is oriented batteries sideways, connector left and to the back. There is just enough wire to get it into position. If the wire segment is twisted, you’ll need to untwist it to get it to fit.

Avoid extra twists in the wire and also don’t use excessive force to pull it out of the base. Once everything’s in place, carefully push the excess wire back into the hole in the space behind the upper battery holder. Gently fold any excess wire behind the upper holder. The battery compartment cover should now snap into place. (Occasionally there is excess plastic on the ridge inside the cover. You may need to file off this excess to allow the cover to fit properly.)

Note: You can plug in AC power or a 12V battery to the mount without removing the internal batteries. It is designed to safely cut out the internal power and only use the externally-supplied source. Remove the batteries when the scope is not used for a long time or when using an AC supply or 12V battery to prevent corrosion damage to the battery compartment and holders.

Updated 12/27/13