What kinds of SD cards can be used with my Celestron digital microscope? What kind of card do I have?

Secure digital (SD) cards that are used for digital cameras can also be used with the #44340, #44345, and #44310 digital microscopes. However, you should be aware of some important details.

Both the LCD Digital Microscope (#44340) and the Deluxe version( #44345) can use the standard-capacity SD card. The #44340 can use SD cards up to 2GB while the #44345 uses cards up to 4GB capacity. These cards are only made in capacities up to 4GB.

Both the #44340 and the #44345 can use the newer high-capacity SDHC cards in any capacity up to at least 16GB.

The #44310 LCD Handheld Digital Microscope can use either format SD or SDHC cards. SDHC cards are very common today and are available in capacities larger than 4GB.

Do you have a bunch of cards and don’t know what types they are? Fortunately, you can easily tell by looking at the cards.

In the picture below are a SDHC card (left) and a SD card (right). They are different brands and both bear stylized abbreviations. A close examination will show that the SDHC card has a stylized SDHC on it below the brand name while the SD card has a stylized SD on it at the bottom.

SD versus SDHC


Updated 12/18/13