When I use Identify with my GoTo scope, what is it showing me?

Menu > Identify displays the angular distance (degrees, minutes, seconds) from the center of the eyepiece field to objects that are in the database of your scope’s hand control. You can then perform a GoTo to any object in the list, Info for information on that object, etc.

You can choose almost any list. The greater the number of objects in the list, the longer it will take your scope to return the identify list. Only the SAO list is not an option, because it would take a prohibitively long time to calculate the identify list.

Note: if you have done a GoTo to an object, what the scope will display is the distance from where it thinks that the object is to other objects and display them in the identify list. Let’s say you’re looking at Arcturus. If your GoTo to Arcturus was off and you re-centered the star for viewing. Then the identify button will show Arcturus in the list a small distance away from the center of your eyepiece, even though it is centered in your eyepiece.

Updated 12/27/13