Celestron’s PentaView LCD Digital Microscope goes in depth with deer teeth

Nature Friend Magazine’s Kevin Shank analyzes the different stages of life for a deer through their teeth utilizing Celestron’s PentaView LCD Digital Microscope. Working with the 2400x capable digital zoom and the 5 MP CMOS built-in digital camera, Kevin was able to view the sliced teeth and take microscopic pictures.  The Celestron PentaView LCD Digital Microscope provided Kevin the opportunity to transfer these images through a USB output to a computer where he was able to stitch multiple images together. You can read the entire article below but also be published in October’s issue so be on the lookout.  Look at that view!



17 5 Doe KDS MG 8043B

 Deer Tooth 17 5 Yr Old




Aging Deer by their Teeth Article - Printable Version