Go Behind the Scenes at Celestron Headquarters

Go behind the scenes at Celestron HQ

From product development to operations to sales, it takes a village to make the Celestron products you love. Take a look behind the scenes and get to know a few departments inside our Torrance headquarters. Each of them plays a unique role in making Celestron the #1 consumer telescope brand in the world.

Product Development

Product Development & Engineering – When our CEO, Corey Lee, ran the Product Development team back in 2014, this is what he had to say, “Ideas for new products come from a number of different places. Some come from our Product Development staff, many of whom are avid amateur astronomers themselves. Others come from salespeople who relay what our customers and dealers are looking for in the next generation of telescopes. Ideas also emerge from discussions directly with customers at trade shows and astronomy events as well as from our beta testers, who are the ultimate critics of our products. Our product development management team vets all these ideas to ensure they are feasible and marketable. Engineers may need to develop a prototype as a proof of concept. Only the best ideas receive approval to move forward. From there, we begin to work on the product—fine-tuning the design, optics, mechanics, electronics, and software. We present the finished plans to our manufacturing partners who produce a ‘first article.’  We test this sample thoroughly for performance. Finally, we approve the sample, and the factory begins production.”

Firmware Engineer Firmware Engineers – The NexStar+ hand control is the heart of our computerized telescopes, and our firmware engineers make sure the system behind it is operating perfectly. They develop the applications you use with our telescopes daily, from PEC to motor control, and more. Firmware engineers work closely with the product managers to ensure there are no bugs in the coding through rigorous testing, including live tests in the field.
Optics Optics – Our team of expert technicians assembles our flagship 14” EdgeHD and RASA 36 cm telescope tubes right here in our Torrance, California, headquarters. The process involves coating the optics, matching the optical system, and putting everything together with military-grade materials. In Astronomy magazine's December 2013 edition, Michael E. Bakich visited our office and wrote about our process. Read more here  
Quality Assurance (QA)

Quality Assurance (QA)  Rest assured, our Quality Assurance team rigorously inspects and tests Celestron product line to ensure it meets Celestron standards. The QA team performs visual, mechanical, laser, optical, and/or electronic measurement assessments.

Technical Support

Technical Support – With years of experience under their belts, our Technical Support representatives use their wealth of knowledge to assist customers who call or email about their equipment. Our Tech Support team is on-site to diagnose and solve issues quickly. Our Torrance HQ includes a special Tech Support room with reference models of every Celestron product. You’ll often find our representatives here, walking customers through troubleshooting steps in real time.

Warehouse and Operations

Warehouse & Operations – Working hard and non-stop, the Operations department manages a huge on-site warehouse and oversees complex global logistics. Every day, inventory passes through our doors on its way to dealers and distributors. In their “spare” time, this team also fulfills our Celestron.com orders. During the heavy shopping seasons, this team works round-the-clock to guarantee your new telescope makes it onto Santa’s sleigh.

US and International Sales

U.S. & International Sales – Our sales team connects with dealers and international distributors so consumers can easily purchase Celestron products anywhere. They provide one-on-one support for every dealer and work closely with major retailers on exclusive products. Sales is instrumental in our licensed product partnerships, like the National Park Foundation and Popular Science product lines.


Marketing – The magic happens here. Our Marketing team collaborates with every department in the Torrance office to bring our products to life in print ads, social campaigns, packaging, videos, and more. The Creative Director and graphic designers give our products a cohesive look that defines the Celestron brand worldwide. Marketing staff also coordinate star parties and outreach events, along with product donations to worthy causes.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this peek inside Celestron headquarters. Check back in the weeks to come as we highlight more of our Torrance staff. Clear skies!