Participate in capturing the Eclipse

Eclipsemegamovie 1170X380


Partake in the Eclipse Megamoive put on by UC Berkley. The Eclipse Megamovie Project is seeking more than a thousand amateur astronomers and avid photographers to record the Aug. 21 total solar eclipse and upload their photos to be stitched together into a movie documenting the path of totality from landfall in Oregon until the moon’s shadow slips over the Atlantic Ocean off South Carolina.

A total solar eclipse gives solar scientists the ability to investigate a region of the Sun’s atmosphere satellites and other instruments are unable to see. Only visible during a total solar eclipse, the inner corona immediately surrounding the Sun is a dynamic region scientists are eager to study. Most total eclipses only allow scientists the opportunity to examine this region for short periods of time. A coast-to-coast eclipse, such as on August 21, has the potential for scientists to investigate the inner corona for changes during the approximately hour and a half duration of the eclipse over land. For more on the goals of the project, see UC Berkeley’s official press release.

Their aim is to recruit over 1,000 amateur photographers, astronomers and educators who will be on the path of totality on August 21, 2017. Team members will receive training and submit a practice image before the eclipse. Once they qualify, participants will receive a pin to designate their status as an official photographer for the project. Participant’s names will also be included in the credits of the final Eclipse Megamovie. To participate, visit the Eclipse Megamovie website and SIGN IN to apply!


Basic equipment necessary for participating in the Eclipse Megamovie Project

  • Camera: DSLR (digital single lens reflex)
  • Telephoto or zoom lens: minimum focal length of 300mm
  • A stable and level tripod
  • Ability to identify the GPS coordinates and time to the nearest second