Celestron Grants Avery's Make-A-Wish

Celestron grants Avery's Make-a-wishEarlier this year, Make-A-Wish San Diego (MAWSD), a non-profit organization that grants life-changing wishes to children with critical illnesses, reached out to Celestron. One of their “Wish Kids,” 17-year-old Avery, who was diagnosed with a nervous system disorder, loved anything and everything about astronomy. His ultimate wish was a specific telescope, Celestron’s flagship CGX-L Equatorial 1400 HD. Unfortunately, a significant roadblock stood in the way of Avery’s wish: this telescope was sold out everywhere. In fact, it’s been on backorder since early 2020!

Celestron has been a big supporter of Make-A-Wish and previously worked with the Greater Los Angeles chapter to fulfill a child’s wish who was also interested in astronomy and space. We knew we couldn’t disappoint Avery, his family, or the Make-A-Wish staff. Celestron’s Vice President of Operations and his team sprang into action. After pulling a few strings, they located a telescope tube and pieced together the various components of the kit. The Quality Assurance team ensured everything was in perfect order before packing up Avery’s dream telescope. But before it shipped out the door, we added several key accessories to complement Avery’s new setup—and a goodie bag full of Celestron swag items, too!

On the unveiling day, Make-A-Wish San Diego delivered the boxes to Avery’s home. He was shocked at the size of the packages and excitedly began unboxing. Avery already knew exactly how to assemble the telescope, and luckily, he had some help with the larger and bulkier pieces. When he finished putting his new scope together, Avery said it was the coolest thing and that he couldn’t wait to use it! He was appreciative but surprised to see the telescope so soon because he knew the telescope was backordered.

Here are a few photos from Avery’s big day. One of the pictures shows Avery holding his very first telescope underneath his new one! What an upgrade!

Make-A-Wish San Diego recently fulfilled their 5,000th wish experience for wish children and their families. Their goal is to reach every medically eligible child in their region; however, due to funding challenges, they’re only able to grant about one of every two wish children’s wishes. If you’d like to help them fulfill more wishes, please consider supporting this great cause that provides comfort and joy to children facing life-changing illnesses—one wish at a time.

Celestron wishes Avery and his family many clear nights of observing. Who knows how many discoveries he’ll make with his new telescope? Avery, the sky is yours to explore. Enjoy the journey!