Evidence of Animals

Moth Silk Celestron

Sometimes finding the evidence of an animal is just as exciting and interesting as finding the animal itself. Unfurling a leaf I uncovered a mass of silk and excrement from what I'm assuming was a leaf roller moth in the Family Tortricidae. The moth had pupated and left this behind. 


Frass Celestron

This gorgeous clump is frass. Frans is insect poop. Frass happens, people. And I will photograph it. The color is strangely beautiful and the slight striations on the surface remind me of the microstructure of a seashell. Whoa-- too much waxing poetic on poo. 


Gleaming Slime Celestron 

This is one of my favorite shots I've ever taken with the Flipview digital scope. When I was looking at it on the tree, this tiny, clear gossamer strand initially looked like spider silk to me. But when I blew the picture up, Jess and I determined that it was a small, thin sheet of dried snail slime. It is so delicate and so ephemeral. It likely dissolved with the rain that fell later that afternoon. This is what I love about being a naturalist. I get to put my small eyes on. And see the tiny universe in my front yard in a totally different way. 


Got any 'small eyes' stories to share with me? I'd love to hear them.