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Birding tools for beginners

Welcome! Are you new to birding? We've teamed up with our friends at Bird Watcher's Digest to create this resource center to help you get started.

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Featured Bird of the Month

December: Cooper’s hawk 

December – Cooper’s hawk

A flurry of fearful birds and a gray flash might mark the arrival of a Cooper’s Hawk to your backyard. Cooper’s Hawks are medium-sized hawks and formidable hunters, often perching in inconspicuous places, then shooting through the branches or dropping from trees to nab unsuspecting prey. Coops generally feed on midsized birds, including robins, flickers, and pigeons, but they also eat small mammals, including chipmunks and squirrels. Insects and reptiles sometimes feature on the menu. You can look for Cooper’s hawks in any type of forest, along forest edges, and in woods near water. But don’t be surprised if you find one elsewhere, particularly in winter and fall. They seem to be adapting to suburban life, nesting near backyards or in city parks. Care must be taken to differentiate the Cooper’s Hawk from the similarly marked Sharp-shinned Hawk.

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