CPWI Latest Release Notes

RELEASE DATE: September 4, 2019


Compared to the previous public release (version 2.1.25), version 2.2.3 includes the following features and updates:

  • Joystick/Gamepad support
  • StarSense User Auto-Align generator tool added
  • Meridian sweep support
  • Ra+Dec tracking options for EQ mount
  • Lunar and Solar tracking options
  • Persistent UI configuration
  • Slew limits for altitude on Alt-Az mounts (or wedge mounted Alt-Az mounts)
  • Battery monitoring/reporting for Evolution mount
  • SkyViewer changes:
    • All objects (NGC and Stars) are now shown based on selected magnitude limit
    • Object names will appear for fainter objects as you zoom in
    • Target Info dialog now locks to SkyViewer
  • If the mount becomes disconnected due to interrupted communications, then the ASCOM driver will attempt to reconnect once. If this fails, then the driver will throw the ASCOM_Not_Connected exception as before. This causes some ASCOM clients to crash.
  • Bug fix: Excessive CPU consumption when CPWI is idle
  • Bug fix: StarSense User Auto-Align would send the mount to low-altitude position
  • Bug fix: StarSense camera would report finding stars but wouldn’t solve the plate the first time