Can I motorize my manual EQ Mount?

When it comes to manual EQ mounts, you can motorize your PowerSeeker and AstroMaster EQ mounts using the AstroMaster/PowerSeeker Motor Drive. The Omni EQ mount can use the dual-axis motor drive. With the Motor Drive and a polar aligned mount, you will easily be able to track celestial objects during the night. For information on how to Align and Polar Align your manual telescope, click here.

The manual German equatorial mounts come out of the box without drive motors or electronics (except for the AstroMaster 130EQ-MD). They are generally equipped with and slow-motion controls in both right ascension and declination, so once your mount is polar aligned, you can manually track celestial targets.

Once you are accurately polar aligned and attach the motor drive to your telescope, it will accurately track objects in right ascension (RA) as they move from east to west across the sky. Only minor adjustments in declination will be needed to keep celestial objects centered in your eyepiece for an extended period.

The motor drive can work in Northern or Southern hemispheres with just a switch and the slew speed can be adjusted with a speed rate regulator that lets you follow the Sun or Moon with your telescope.