Does the #93232 Deluxe Zoom Eyepiece have T-threads?

Yes. Just like the smaller regular zoom eyepiece (the #93230), the deluxe version has T-threads underneath the eyecup that can be used as a T-adapter when using the eyepiece in a telescope. (Note that these threads are not an official feature of either eyepiece.)

To expose the T-adapter threads, fully retract the eyecup by twisting it counterclockwise. Now firmly grasp the eyecup with one hand and the eyepiece body with the other while twisting the eyecup counterclockwise. The eyecup will remove from the eyepiece after about three to four complete turns. A T-ring will thread onto the exposed threads for approximately 2 turns.

Because the Deluxe Zoom also has a 2” adapter, it doubles as a T-adapter for both major sizes of astronomical eyepiece drawtubes.


Updated 12/27/13