How can I enter my location manually? Can I use information from my handheld GPS?

You can manually enter in your location via the hand control. You need your latitude and longitude in the degrees-minutes-seconds format. Get this information from your GPS, maps, or Google Earth. Press the following upon powering up your telescope: Menu > Scope Setup >Setup Time-Site. Once in this menu, press the Undo button until the hand control reads Select One > City Database. Scroll using the 6 or 9 buttons to the option Custom Site. Press Enter. Now enter your specific longitude and latitude.

Please note that if you change the location of your telescope, depending on how far away it is you will most likely have to enter the coordinates of that new site. Changes of just a few miles don’t need this adjustment, but moves of 40-50 miles as the crow flies or more would require updated coordinates.

Updated 12/27/13