How can you track satellites with a Celestron GoTo telescope?

Celestron does not have any functionality directly in the NexStar GoTo firmware to calculate satellite positions and track them with the mount. However, you can do this via NexRemote running on a PC through NexRemote’s virtual ports and their ability to take information from third-party software.

While a number of planetarium programs will generate positions (ephemerides) of satellites and can feed them to the mount. Satellites move so rapidly that a dynamic approach is needed so the scope can actually catch up and lock onto them.

This is the way the Satellite Tracker freeware works. It is provided by the Satellite Tracker Users Group on Yahoo and works with Celestron and other brands of GoTo mounts:

Another program that will help with tracking rapidly-moving sky targets with Celestron GoTo scopes is Optic Tracker. It can be used for satellites, aircraft, etc. It’s used with a joystick control to acquire a moving target. Once the imaging software “locks” on a target, it will keep the scope moving in the same direction automatically: