How do I connect Nightscape to my telescope?

Nightscape has standard female T-threads on its nosepiece. The easiest way to attach it to your telescope is with a compatible T-adapter.


Telescope Compatible T-adapter

Schmidt-Cassegrain optical tubes


EdgeHD 8-inch optical tubes


EdgeHD 9.25, 11 and 14-inch optical tubes


NexStar 4SE and older C90s


If you want instead to use the camera in an eyepiece drawtube or visual back, you need either the #93625 1.25” Universal T-adapter for a 1-1/14” eyepiece drawtube or the Barlowed version #93640 for negative projection and or if you have limited back focus. The Nightscape's nosepiece is a 2" diameter barrel, so it will fit directly into a 2" focuser.


Updated 12/16/13