How do I find a new hand control for my Celestron mount?

It would depend on the type of mount you have which Hand control you would need.

If you have an Alt/Azm mounts (LCM, SLT, SE, CPC). Then you would need item number 93988

If you have an EQ mount (AVX, CGEM, CGEM DX, CGE PRO). Then you would need item number 93989

Nexstar GPS

 In order for the new flash upgradeable hand control to work with your telescope, you will need to upgrade the motor control firmware to version 4.0 or higher. If you have motor control version 3.0 or higher, you can accomplish this upgrade by using your new hand control and our free upgrade software “MCupdate" available for download on our web site. If you have version 1.0 or 2.0 motor control board, you will need to contact Technical Support for further options. 


Nexstar GT or GTL

You can use a flash upgradeable hand control with SkyAlign technology for your older NexStar GT or GTL scope. (These telescopes are identifiable by the tube ring clamp that holds the telescope tube to the fork arm.)

Celestron no longer sells the NexStar hand control. The current (early 2012) version of the newer NexStar+ hand control will not work with this old mount design. Check the aftermarket and classified ads on astronomy sites such as for used NexStar hand controls. R
eflash the hand control to the GT 4.03 firmware

If you have additional questions or your specific type of mount doesn't apply to your mount, contact tech support for further assistance.