How do I find a new hand control for my Celestron mount?

To determine which hand controller you need for your telescope, you must identify what computerized mount you have.

Hand Control Compatibility List

NexStar+ Hand Control USB, AZ (93981)

LCM series Astro Fi Series
NexStar Evolution Series CPC GPS XLT , CPC DX Series
NexStar SE Series NexStar SLT Series

NexStar+ Hand Control USB, EQ (93982)

Advanced VX Series CGX-L Series
CGX Series CGEM II Series

StarSense Hand Control USB (93999)

The StarSense Hand Control is compatible with any of these scopes but a StarSense Auto Align accessory is required. This hand control will not work without the SSA plugged into the mount.
Advanced VX Series CGX-L Series
Astro Fi Series CPC GPS XLT, CPC DX Series
CG-5 (with CG-5 Aux. splitter) NexStar Evolution Series
CGE Series NexStar GT (2015 models and newer with Aux. splitter)
CGE Pro Series NexStar SE Series
CGEM II Series NexStar SLT Series

SkyProdigy Series - can be used with this hand control directly as it already has StarSense Accessory built-in.

CGX Series
Not Compatible
NexStar i Series NexStar GPS Series
Ultima 2000 Series Early generation GoTo mounts (such as Compustar)
LCM series