How do I get my Celestron digital USB microscope to work with my Mac?

1. You will need a Mac running OS 10.4.9 (Tiger) or higher. Your Mac will automatically recognize the microscope, so you won't need to use the included CD (which only has Windows software). Instead, you will use your microscope through Apple's preinstalled imaging programs, either Photo Booth or iChat.

2. Make sure your Mac is powered off, and plug the microscope into a port on the computer--not the keyboard port because a keyboard does not deliver enough power to run the camera.

3. Turn on your Mac, locate the imaging software (we recommend Photo Booth), and open the program. Select the “Camera” tab in the program’s window. Select “Celestron Microscope” as your camera. The microscope should now be transmitting an image to the Photo Booth screen.

Note: When using your microscope on a Mac with a native imaging program like Photo Booth, the shutter button on the top of the microscope (if it has one) is disabled. To take a snapshot or video, click the proper icon in the program with your mouse.

Updated 11/21/13