How do I mount my finderscope bracket on the CPC 800/925/1100 optical tube assembly (OTA)?

These scopes come with a quick release bracket system for the finderscope. One part mounts to the OTA, while the "cage" houses the finderscope.

To install the finderscope:

1. Identify the correct row of screws on the mirror cell assembly on the back of the OTA. This is important as you do not want to accidentally loosen the screws that hold the cell to the main tube. (The accessory screws are the rearmost row of screws on the cell.)

2. Choose whether you want to mount the finderscope on the right or left side of the tube. There are two sets of screws whose centers are spaced by 1-5/8 inch. Remove either the right or left set of screws.

3. Take the finderscope bracket that mounts to the OTA and mount it to the tube with the longer screws provided with the bracket.

Note: As of August 2009, the manual incorrectly states there are holes at the location for the finderscope. The holes are occupied by the aforementioned screws. The manual correctly warns not to thread in the longer screws all the way after removing the bracket, as this may damage the mirror or impede focusing movement.

Updated 12/23/13